Everything was bound to our houses and this made me start to look differently at windows. It was the only opening that I had on the world. Through this reflection I’ve started to create the project ‘Free like a bird’. The bench that accompanied me during those days started to appear at my eyes like a symbol of the outside world. Outside and inside apparently had swapped roles.What exist outside and what exist inside? what does not exist neither? all this questions reminded me to the work ‘Outside’ made by the artist Bruszewski during the 70s. All these questions for him were related to mechanical and electronic means of recording transmission but for me just represented the beginning of my quarantine reflections about space.

Sitting on the bench in front of the window, smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee and looking outside had become daily routine actions.
Staring in front of the glass made me feel like I was outside even if it wasn’t true. It was interesting to start an eye contact with some of the people passing through the street which thanks to the windows were feeling safe to look at me without any social distant panic behaviour.
Most of the people didn’t see me and didn’t realized that something was going on especially because I just sat down watching through like Roman Ondak in ‘The stray man’ but from the opposite side. From a private space to a public one.
Glass and shy looks that someone gave me reminded me also to Kovanda’s kisses performances in which the glass was the only physical contact point between people.
While I was performing on the bench it was crucial for me to understand that glass and walls had become my home but also a sort of prison. A transparent surface but still a surface that was separating me from others.
This project was for me a completely new experience. For the first time i tested myself in the performative act field and also in shooting and video editing. Coming from an Italian sculpture background i’ve changed my point of view thanks to NM2 studios and friends influencing. It was hard for me at the beginning to understand how to shoot and edit the video but after many tries and advices i’ve understood the importance of time and actions in time especially when you are shooting a performative action. I’m glad that during this quarantine I had time to learn and to tested myself with all this programs and medium that i had never used before.