I asked colleagues, friends and family to make a video of their own bellies.

With this, I wanted these people of my environment to be aware of their own body, of the movements it could make, of its shape, color, size, etc. I also wanted them to lose their shame, as it was difficult for many to share a part of the body that is quite intimate and vulnerable and can be embarrassing if it is not appreciated as it should.

Due to the current situation, the coronavirus crisis, it was impossible for me to record the videos myself, so I gave the project idea a second look. Each person from their homes recorded their own videos and I turned the project into a fictional Skype conversation, a bellies conversation.

These days interpersonal communications are very difficult and strange. We cannot be in physical contact with anyone who does not live with us and that, for humans, sociable beings by nature, is taking away part of our own being. Taking physical isolation as a problem, we have reached a social communication that is not new, but that we have never used in such a radical and global way in history. Thanks to the technological world in which we currently live, we can have conversations kilometers away without exposing ourselves to any type of virus, and although we cannot touch or smell or feel ourselves, at least we can see and hear ourselves, which is better than nothing. We have broken social boundaries.

I have chosen the Skype application because its tune is very recognizable by everyone and in a way it puts you on alert, you know that you are going to see someone on that screen who is not physically present, who is somewhere else. The people who appear in the video live from each other many kilometers away, having nationalities such as Spanish, Italian, Korean, Romanian or French. The music belongs to a friend who has an electronic group called Soft Apricot and who wanted to collaborate in this project.

To share. It is something so beautiful and human that sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing it. We share anecdotes, wisdom, pleasures, places, emotions …
This video is about sharing, being vulnerable, showing our bodies to known and unknown people. Sharing under the circumstances that limit us, but that have allowed us to cross international and intergenerational borders.