Story of the board game Take Me Home is based in the city of Prague, a home for over six hundred thousand women. The board game contains possible stories and situations presented in four characters of female in- habitants living in the city. Players alternate in rolling the dice and draw cards cards with six different possible scenarios of the same story beginnings. The main task of the game is to get home in the safest way as soon as possible and wait for other three female charac- ters to get home safely. The playing field is divided into several daily zones with different scenarios in each daytime. Women randomly travel inside the city and experience pleasant things or face problems at work, school, or a walk in the park. Only the roll of the dice decides the storyline.

The game was inspired a lot by the book Feminist City written by a female author, Leslie Kern. The game was preceded by many questionnaires from people living in Prague. The project seeks to create an experience for its players of insecurity and try to enliven the com- munication between the security of Prague and the city management.