„Dominant culture, cultural habits and conventions are transcribed into the form and practices not only of cultural and educational institutions and or- ganizations, but also in general in cultural policies and also in works of art. In the context of the global Black Lives Matter movement, we can observe ico- noclastic reactions to statues and monuments of political and state figures in public space that are or have been associated with racism, segregation, and the promotion of slave systems. Iconoclastic reactions raise questions, such as how justified is the placement of similar monuments in public space today? How numerous are the monuments and memorials commemorating minorities and their prominent figures? Are iconoclastic reactions adequate or not? Is the discussion within this issue not only in the professional, but also in in public sufficiently and satisfactory, or rather minimally or not at all, or completely distorted? How is this issue perceived in the Czech and Slovak environment?“

Several Roma residents were tested positive with Covid-19 in eastern Slova- kia after returning to a Slovak settlement due to the pandemic emergency. Slovakia addressed the national army and the police to immediately close the whole village without any access in or out and declared a state of emergency for the whole village area. It was an overwhelming moment, especially for the inhabitants of the settlement, who have been dependent on the help of non- -profit organizations for over fifty years. The organizations were not allowed to enter the settlement since the day the government closed the entire area. The organizations served primarily as intermediaries of labor and social en- joyment. Access to employment was denied, and schools, including a nursery school, and food imports were also suspended.

The game uses the bestselling game The Sims 4 as a communication plat- form for a socially critical situation and leaves players to interact with the settlement. The goal in the project was to partially parasitize on the game, which is based on the needs of the people in the place, which cannot provide them with these needs. The video was a part of the exhibition White Spots, which opened questions of local racism.

Text: Věra Duždová, Vendula Fremlová